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We are a team of skilled ATTORNEYS with one singular focus—intellectual property

Our team has extensive experience providing specialized intellectual property legal advice that enables our clients to achieve their business goals and strategies. We work with a broad range of clients—from individual founders and inventors; to venture-backed start-ups; to investment groups; to multinational, publicly traded technology companies. Because we staff every project with the leanest-possible team with targeted skill-sets & technical backgrounds, each of our attorneys fully immerse in their clients’ matters, make efficient and effective decisions at every stage of litigation and counseling, and provide creative yet economical solutions.

top firms

All of our attorneys have years of experience as partners and associates at top litigation law firms and IP boutiques, including Kirkland & Ellis LLP; Cooley, LLP; and Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garret & Dunner, LLP.  At these firms we were trained handling the biggest, most complicated IP matters and, after years of doing so, are able to efficiently attack any complex IP dispute with the same quality and results of larger outfits, at a much better value.

We have found that our model provides greater flexibility and value than traditional, large law firms as clients increasingly look for creative and cost-effective solutions to their legal needs.

While our team has the training, experience, and technical expertise to handle any IP dispute, we understand that the unique needs of a case sometime call for a wider spectrum of perspectives, experience, and resources.  By combining JWC Legal’s focused attention, efficiency, and value with the resources of larger law firms, our clients have been able to achieve “the best of both worlds.”  Our team has extensive experience working alongside other top firms; and we would be happy to discuss some of the flexible solutions we have provided to our clients in the past.


Our attorneys hold degrees across a variety of subjects—including computer science, physics, mathematics, biology, economics—which enable us to put together a team of litigators tailored to each individual matter. 

Our team has litigated IP disputes across a variety of technologies and fields, including:

  • baseband processor and modem hardware and software, cellular 3G and 4G/LTE, ethernet switches and related software, blade servers, 802.11-standardized wireless technology, GPUs, modular data centers, navigation systems and networks, mobile operating system GUIs, internet applications;

  • Foley catheterization systems, stents, microfluidic devices, mitral valves, stimulated dilators and other devices for minimally invasive spinal surgeries, spinal biologics and bone graft substitutes, joint prostheses and replacements, systems for inhaled therapies such as pulmonary vasodilators, and large and small molecule pharmaceuticals; 

  • cannabis extracts and related products;

  • consumer products, such as razors, telephoto lenses, and after-market vehicle accessories;

  • commercial HVAC systems; security software; and military target acquisition systems

Litigation Experience

Our lawyers have experience with all aspects of litigation, from pre-filing counseling and strategy, to post-trial and enforcement proceedings. Clients are often surprised by the depth of experience, at immense value, that our relatively young team provides.

As examples, our team’s litigation experience includes:

  • Trial counsel in many complex patent jury trials before federal district courts;

  • Trial counsel in Section 337 Evidentiary Hearings before the U.S. International Trade Commission—most of which have been high-profile direct competitor-competitor disputes;

  • Counsel in over a dozen inter partes review proceedings.

  • Direct and cross examining witnesses, including expert witnesses, in federal district court jury trials;

  • Taking and defending dozens of depositions of fact, expert, and corporate representative witnesses;

  • Arguing critical issues in oral argument, including Markman (claim construction); motions in limine, and Daubert motions.


Our attorneys also have many years of experience drafting and prosecuting patents as well as examining patent applications at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in areas such as the mechanical and electrical arts, e-commerce, and the internet. Almost every member of our team is admitted to practice before the USPTO or has examined applications and registrations at the USPTO.

In the context of litigation, this knowledge and experience enables us to spot potential issues that others might miss. 


We are attuned to the perspective and needs of our clients.  Attorneys on our team have been in-house legal counsel for IP matters with companies ranging from a Fortune 100 multinational Information Technology company to a private material company commercializing Nobel-prize-winning catalyst technology. 

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